Sunday, June 22, 2014

Saturday, December 7, 2013


made the normal Food network spread but we ended up getting sick... at least the food was good!

24 plus hours

Our table

turkey going into oven!

It's done, 3 hours later.

Saturday, October 19, 2013

Birthdays, Homecoming and Iowa City fun!

We went to Iowa City in early October and had such a great time.  Upon turning on my sis and bro in law's street we saw Norm Parker and waved and he waved back!

Our trip started on Wednesday, where we got in and got to give Savannah her birthday gifts... And Pop the Pig, which she said... "I've wanted this for so long!". (Oh, the sayings of a four year old ;) )

Opening presents and posing :)

Then we got dropped off downtown to go watch one of John's favorite bands, Why?

A band from Minneapolis, Astronautilus, opened for them and they were really good! The concert was at The Mill.  Great, small venue!  I scored us some seats at the bar and we had great food and an awesome time!

Iowa tenderloin and wings, mmmmmm

After the show, we even got a pic with the lead singer of Why, Yoni

After the show we went to the Airliner and had some drinks and met some people who were broken down in Iowa City and played trivia!  Fun night!!

Thursday was Con's bday!  I got Savanny ready for school and then got in a little snuggle before she left for the day.

This is her silly face;)

John and I went on a drive thru downtown and then went to our favorite breakfast place, the Hamburg Inn.... Mmmm sausage gravy omelets!

We hung out with the dogs the rest of the day and went to the mall for a snack ;)

And for lunch, Taco John's!

Con got home and I went with her to pick up Savanny and she started screaming Auntine Auntine, so adorable :)

She showed me her classroom and was so happy I came to pick her up.

Then I got her ready for her soccer game!  She scored two goals!!!!!

Then it was time for dinner at The Vine!!!! Con got a nice birthday Sundae! Nom nom

Of course Con and I shared wings and cheese fries!!  And I had a yummy Boulevard stein.

Then it was time for the big sleepover and babysitting Savanny!

Everyone sleeping!

Savanny woke up at 8:30am!!!! Then we started our day of fun!  

Uncle John got us Hardee's for breakfast, we did manicures, played Pop the Pig, went in the tunnel, colored, snuggled with the dogs, watched The Lorax, ate a yummy lunch, colored and drew more, played educational games on the iPad....and this 4 year old refused to get dressed until 6:30 pm. 

We had a bunch of leftovers for dinner and got ready for tailgating! :)

We woke up super early to leave for tailgating.

Con and I with a Savanny photo bomb, at 6am!

What a great tailgate spot!  We had a great time, played bags, good food and walking tacos, mmmmmmmmmmmm

Mark and I went to the game, even though we lost, we still know how to have fun and show our Hawkeye spirit!

We went to Blackstone for dinner, super yummy!

John almost scared baby hash brown out of Con ;)

And ice cream for Mark and Savanny :)

We had a bonfire and hung out with friends and had Savanny entertain us. 

Sunday morning we all ate at Hardee's and then headed back to Michigan.  IC we will miss you, but will be back!!!